Corporate Yoga

Yoga en entreprise Corporate Yoga

The yoga is an ancestral discipline centered on physical postures. The general idea is to use the body to soothe the mind. Often hailed as an example, given its tendency to reduce stress and improve overall well-being. We offer yoga business group lessons (limited to 10 people to ensure quality sessions).

2 million to 2,5 million people practice yoga in France. Long reserved for a female audience rather old, Discipline is democratized and attracts new practitioners. 30 % of "yoguistes" today against men 10 % there are ten years. (Estimates of the National Federation of Yoga Teachers).

Yoga en entreprise The business benefits are numerous yoga

  • The benefits are faster physical. The practice of yoga improves mobility, strength, vitality and can also quickly help improve sleep quality. With the physical strengthening and increased mobility, employees may correct their bad postures easier. The risk of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) will be reduced.
  • The benefits of yoga then appear mentally. Yoga allows better concentration, it can increase creativity and also improve the relationship that we have with respect to other.
  • Finally, all of these benefits allow a significant reduction of stress especially through a better understanding of difficult situations.

Thanks to these benefits, practice yoga business will greatly improve wellness company working conditions.

Social cohesion between employees get be strengthened.

By gradually developing concentration and the ability to manage stress, yoga increases work efficiency.

It has also been proven that people practicing yoga have an absenteeism rate 27% less than those who do not practice.

If you are interested(e) Yoga by the establishment in your business, take get in touch !