Sophrology in business

Sophrology in business Sophrology in business

Relaxation therapy in business is increasingly demanded by business leaders, EC but also by employees.

But what does the relaxation therapy ?

It is a set of techniques to access the serenity of the mind. It belongs to the disciplines of relaxation and personal development. We use mentalizing and positive visualization to acquire the tools to better understand an anxiety-producing situation. We offer this collective ongoing activity (limited to 10 people to ensure quality sessions).

These courses are practiced standing and sitting on a chair. With Professor, employees realize dynamic relaxations (RD). Ces RD constituent la méthode privilégiée en groupe et représente l’un des piliers de la sophrologie. Elles regroupent plusieurs techniques suivant une méthode rigoureuse pour des objectifs à longs termes.

C’est la raison pour laquelle nous proposons de travailler par programme de 6 at 10 cours. C’est la méthode la plus efficace pour obtenir les bons outils de relaxation et atteindre les objectifs fixés. Les thématiques des programmes sont à définir ensemble. Elles peuvent être très variées et ont toutes comme objectif d’améliorer le bien-être et la qualité de vie des salariés : Gestion du stress, développement du bien-être au travail, équilibre vie privée et vie professionnelle

Sophrology in business The benefits of enterprise Sophrologie :

Propose the practice of relaxation therapy in business will have a real impact on the well-being of employees and the development of team spirit. The main contributions will include :

  • improving well-being at work teams
  • better management of difficult and anxiety-provoking situations
  • cooperation and enhanced mutual assistance among employees and thus strengthening the team spirit
  • the development of motivation, concentration, anticipatory and adaptive capacities, positive energy and creativity
  • better performance, whether collective or personal
  • better prevention of health problems related to stress at work and thus limiting absenteeism

If you are convinced and want to implement relaxation therapy classes in your business, make contact !