Osteopathy in business

Osteopathy in business Osteopathy in business

L’osteopathy in business is developing strongly in France. To prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and stress of their employees, companies are increasingly calling osteopaths.

But what osteopathy ? This is a manual therapeutic method. Osteopath determines and processes the mobility restrictions that may affect all the component body structures. Treatment aims to restore mobility musculoskeletal systems, digestive, neurological, Autonomic, ENT and accompanying pregnant women.

From its very comprehensive treatment of the human body, Osteopathy is proven. Work, in 2017 the osteopath is one of the most requested health practitioners in France. According to the health barometer 2017 Yellow Pages, osteopaths are the 5th most sought health profession.

The French therefore have clearly identified the benefits of & rsquo; osteopathic monitoring and companies take the same path.

Osteopathy in business The benefits of osteopathy in business

L & rsquo; business osteopathy allows & rsquo; act on several aspects :

  • L & rsquo; ergonomics : Our osteopaths in business can intervene directly in the workspace (bureaux, factories, outlets). They can deliver the right advice at the ergonomics of workstations and correct bad posture.
  • the TMS : MSDs have a strong impact on the company (85% occupational diseases). Employee productivity is offset by reduced body movements due to pain. Our osteopaths have a dual purpose : Firstly, work directly on the already present pain to relieve the maximum. In a second time, an early diagnosis in order to & rsquo; avoid & rsquo; emergence of new TMS.
  • The stress : For these soft techniques, l & rsquo; osteopathy has a relaxing effect. The gentle manipulations stimulate the autonomic nervous system and so provide less stress.

The establishment of an osteopathic program therefore considerably improve the business wellness company and will have direct effects on the performance of the & rsquo; business :

  • Increased employee productivity. Healthy body, the employee is more efficient.
  • A reduction in absenteeism. A practice of osteopathy all 2 months would reduce absenteeism 20%, is 4 days per year per employee. (Review of osteopathy)

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