Massages in business

Massages in business Les massages en entreprise

Les massages en entreprise sont la plupart du temps des massages Amma.

The Amma, massage traditionnel japonais, est l’ancêtre du Shiatsu.

Il a été développé dans le monde de l’entreprise au début des années 1980 par David Palmer (USA) un massothérapeute spécialiste du massage Amma. Le succès n’a pas tardé à venir et la majorité des grandes enseignes en Amérique et en Asie donne à leurs employés la possibilité d’avoir recours à ce type de massage au sein même de l’entreprise.

Cette technique convient en effet parfaitement aux massages en entreprise puisque le massé est assis sur une chaise ergonomique spécialement conçue à cet effet. De plus, ce massage courtentre 15 at 20 minutes – is practiced through clothing. It is ideal for an intervention on the workplace.

In Bee – Wellness company, we have chosen to surround ourselves only with the French Federation of Massage Practitioners Sitting (Fedefma). The Fedefma control that training to chair massage was performed and validated by a professional practice certificate. A test is necessarily conducted to ensure the ability of the practitioner to intervene in business. The Fedefma is a real guarantee of quality. It is committed to the prevention specialist for back pain in business, Mtondos. It is also PREVILIGIE link with David Palmer, Amma the creator of the protocol in business.

Massages in business The benefits of massage business

For a long time now, the benefits of massage are recognized, both physically and mentally. Massage is indeed often synonymous with relaxation and letting go.

From this statement, companies are increasingly likely to offer this service in order to improve the Quality of Life at Work (QWL) and health prevention approach.

Indeed, propose Amma massage as benefit company will have a very positive impact on employees.

The company will include massage benefits :

  • A calming of the mind
  • Relaxation of the senses
  • Spiritual revitalisation
  • Increased productivity : 50% of errors found in less after a massage

Your employees are rested and ready to return to work with confidence.

In order to reflect together on your program tailored to improve QWL, make contact !