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This ancient discipline focuses on physical postures. Often hailed as an example, given its tendency to reduce stress and improve overall well-being.

The effects of this discipline on mind and body are well known : Just after a session, you may observe :

  • An improvement in brain function : including cognitive, attention and memory functions.
  • Reduced stress
  • Reduced bother
  • Improved flexibility

After a few months of practice, you may observe :

  • Physically : Better balance, relief from chronic back pain, reduced chronic neck pain, improved lung capacity.
  • Health-wise : A drop in blood pressure, lower blood sugar among diabetics.
  • On the stress front : Relief from anxiety. Yoga has been proven to fight depression.

Postures and breathing have been shown to soothe stress-related tensions, while renewing everyone’s creativity and well-being.

By gradually developing concentration and the ability to manage stress, yoga increases work efficiency.

Useful set-up information :

Available : To all

Group class : Up to 10 people

Duration : 1h

Material provided : Carpets and Zafu cushions

Space required : 20m² room

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