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Sophrology is a set of techniques allowing you to access the spirit’s calm state. . It belongs to the disciplines of relaxation and personal development.

Involve a relaxation therapist in the company will improve the well-being of your employees by giving them the keys that will allow them :

  • Learn how to better manage their emotions
  • Learn how to better focus
  • Learn how to communicate better
  • Organise themselves better
  • Develop their motivation, adaptability and creativity
  • Develop a positive outlook
  • Reduce their stress levels (in terms of workload, public speaking, etc.)

This activity, carried out as part of a group will enhance the well-being, mutual aid and trust of your employees.

This well-being will in turn increase their productivity and creativity. Work, stress-related health problems will thus decrease, to the benefit of your business.

Useful set-up information :

Available : To all

Group class : Up to 10 people

Duration : 1h

Material provided : Folding chairs

Space required : 20m² room

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